Friday, February 1, 2013

Corporate Governance

The year 2010 was a very significant year in terms of improving LovelyLady Brown Corporate Governance. The Board of Commissioners, with the help of the Audit Committee, affected a series of amendments to strengthen oversight of operations and management.

The full breadth of these measures is covered in detail in the Corporate Governance section of this annual report. Rental Mobil Bandung publicly traded shares, which are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange under the trading code INTP, made remarkable gains over the course of 2010. Initially trading at IDR13,700 per share at the start of the year, the Company’s shares closed at IDR15,950 per share as of 30 December 2010.

Upon the decision made at the 11 May 2010 Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders, dividends in the amount of IDR828.3 billion were paid to the shareholders. This amount is equivalent to IDR225 per share.

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